Experiences without guilt

We believe that the world would be better if people were brave enough to do the things that give them pleasure

The black manifest

Life is One Shot
Take care of living today
Do it seriously
Dedicate it a day, just one
Nothing lasts enough

Do it today
Worry tomorrow
Let them say anything
But have them say something

Are you responsible?
Definitely, you are!
Of making it worth
At least today, for a single time
An if it tastes good
The it’s good

The projects

Each experience is designed as an ecosystem which, in addition to bringing guests closer to the brand, manages to immerse them in at atmosphere that provokes each of their senses.

"The spirit is the vital principle within all living beings" — Anonymous



Black Season

Varias fechas

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The Samurai Experience®

04 de Mayo al 04 de Noviembre de 2023



1,500.00 mxn

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